Cows and Art Events

Tonight was my last open studio event at Hardy and Nance Studios. It was a slow night, everybody thought my pieces were too expensive even with the generous moving sale, and Naz, my studio mate, whom I’ll miss, wasn’t there. I was bored, so I drew my self-portrait as a cow. You know I love cows and as a Taurus I identify strongly with them. They are beautiful and wise and all sorts of other stuff as well.

The cow drawing got the attention of two very nice people who have horses. They showed me a picture and decided to order a portrait commission. I’m so excited! This will be my first horse portrait! So yes, there was a happy takeaway from this otherwise slow evening.

I also gave a gallery talk at the VAA show this afternoon and that was sort of daunting. I don’t even know why. After all, I’m used to talking in front of people and comfortable talking about my piece. There’s something, though, about that specific setup, the VAA itself and the selection process, Blue Orange Gallery where the show was held (a friend used to live upstairs in what now seems like a different life), that made me nervous.

So yes, tonight I’m exhausted. But I’m happy to be reunited with my dog, happy to be safely home with these art events behind me, and happy mostly that I am moving on. These are things that I’ve tried in the past, things that I’ve learned from, grown from, but after a while if you keep doing the same old stuff you’re only treading water. So I am grateful for the new opportunities in my life, for my mentorship and my new studio at Sabine Street. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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