Surviving the full moon madness. Made it to Beaumont bright and early, while my mentor was texting me to remind me of all the fabulous things I was missing in Houston. I liked that. I mean, it’s what a good mentor does. Gives you perspective, and reminds you you have a fabulous new life, even when you’re wading knee-deep through your old one and start having that sinking feeling.

So yes, the day ended up being pretty good. I ran into one of my favorite students and she told me about all the progress she’s been making learning Russian (I told her to listen to Russian songs in her car and she’s doing it!). I taught good classes, walked my dog with my friend, then finally, in the evening had a visit with another friend – the one who calls me Candela because he knows me so well.

Oh, and I booked a suite at the Tremont House for me and my dog to stay in the near future, because we simply haven’t done anything absolutely fabulous in a while.

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