Greyhounds in Jackets

So the bad news is that it got terribly cold out of a sudden. I mean scarf and winter coat cold! Our crazy Houston weather is throwing us for a loop once again. The good news, however, is that AVM Hawkins, Paula Hawkins, and I had a great time at the First Saturday Arts Market despite the awful weather. (Note: It was windy too. Our tent, with its metal hanging racks, shook and jingled like it was playing jazz).

Our mentors, John Palmer and Ryan Lindsay came by to help and support us. They brought us hot breakfast, two warm blankets, hanging supplies, and much needed duct tape to secure our paintings in the wind. It was amazing to have such support! It was also amazing to do this as a team. It’s a difficult endeavor under the best of circumstances, but with the cold and wind, it was even more so. Still, we made each other laugh and the atmosphere in our tent was warm and happy. We also each found ways to be helpful to one another, and that was important. I think what mattered most in this bonding experience was that we all enjoy being there for one another and offering whatever we can to help. So yes, I feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful team!

There weren’t many customers at market on a cold day like today, but we did talk to a whole bunch of people and we did make new contacts. Also, we saw Greyhounds in jackets, and that was pretty awesome!

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