Today was finally the day! I got the keys to my brand new studio at 1907 Sabine Street! I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful this brand new building is! I guess y’all will just have to come and see it! I will be ready to receive visitors during this month’s open studios on Saturday 12-5. I’ll be in Studio 145. Come say hi! I am so very excited! A state-of-the-art studio all of my very own! This is the beginning of something new and exciting. This is pure magic, y’all!

And this wasn’t even the only wonderful thing to happen to me today: This evening AVM Hawkins, Paula Hawkins, and I got together for our very first Escapist painting party! We think we might make a habit out of this, because we really enjoy being around each other, and painting together, especially, is amazing!

The Painting I made tonight (pictured above) is called Spring in Bucharest. Acrylic on Canvas. 24×30 inches. $600

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