Swimming Pool

Today finally it was warm enough to swim in the pool. You’ve no idea what a difference it’s made in my mood throughout the day. I was cheerful even when it was time to clean the studio. I was almost ok with driving to Beaumont (well, not really, but it’s the last trip here this school year), and now I’m delightfully tired and hopefully will sleep well, even here, the place of eternal insomnia.

Tomorrow is a big day. After my exams I’ll drive back to Houston and will have to transform into my prettiest most sparkly self for Lily’s gala party! It’s hard to summon my prettiest most sparkly self after a trip to Beaumont, but I’ve got yet untapped reserves of magic for just such occasions. I even know what I’ll wear and it’ll be fabulous! And who knows, if the stars conspire, maybe I’ll get another little swim in.

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