Windows of Bucharest

Once again I felt inspired by a friend’s Instagram post to paint an image of Bucharest. I’ve always loved these type of windows on old houses. A little bit of European flair, a little bit of decay.

The resulting painting is 20”x20” acrylic on panel. $400

I painted it while Lily was also painting next door. There will be a huge gala in her honor Tuesday night, and she wants to have a few paintings ready to show. So we went to the art supply store again today where she picked the colors she wanted. They are so pretty, precious in their little tubes! They look almost like makeup. It’s interesting, how we’re all drawn to different things, different materials to play and experiment with.

Anyway, other than that, the day was kind of dull, infused with the particular kind of sadness most Sundays have for me. Though I have noticed something, maybe. Lately my sadness has been losing its depth, or maybe its edges. It’s still there, coating everything, like a blanket, but perhaps it’s beginning to grow thin. One day I’ll reach for it and it’ll be gone, and I’ll realize I no longer need it.

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