Kadi Chawal and Other Things

The fun continues! In between taking commissions for my upcoming European trip (Contact me if you’d like a watercolor inspired by Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Bucharest painted just for you! I’m only doing ten and they’re going fast!) I’m continuing the exploration of Houston with my sister. Today I insisted she come with me to Bombay Sweets, my very favorite Indian buffet on Hilcroft. It cracked her up that, considering she’s traveled here all the way from India, I was so adamant we have Indian. See, she’s a lot like me: we’re cosmopolitan artists who are more likely to want to try something new than long for the comfort of the familiar. But in the end, the Kadi Chawal at Bombay Sweets was oh so very good! And there was something mutually satisfying in the fact that I, who have never even been to India, knew about a place like Bombay Sweets and insisted my sister eat there.

I also had a lot of fun with my other sister, AVM, today. She helped me pin the painting I made yesterday to her studio wall and take some pictures that reflect its scale.

Bobby, of course, also helped with absolutely everything.

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