Happy Green

Today I painted these windows, inspired by a photo Dana Stefanescu took in Brasov. I also made a big abstract piece focusing on the color green. I think I’m getting better at these, obtaining more of the effects I like.

In the evening, for my second birthday celebration in a row, I went to BCN Taste and Tradition, a Catalan restaurant I’d been meaning to try forever! The friend who helped me arrange my paintings in my studio, and to whom I feel I owe some of my recent success, came with me.

I have to say, I’m always hesitant with Spanish food outside of Spain and Catalan food outside the Catalan countries. It’s much too likely that they will serve a loose interpretation thereof, and that will be a letdown. But BCN Taste and Tradition did not disappoint! They had a lot of my favorites: cod salad, tortilla de patatas, croquettes, grilled baby squid, jamon de bellota, and it all tasted like in Barcelona! My favorite, though, was the dessert, which was doused in the thick and scrumptious concoction that is the Spanish version of hot chocolate. Made me think of Miss Vulpe!

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