Best Birthday Ever!

Y’all, I had such a perfect day! I can’t even imagine a more lovely birthday! While my favorite moment was in the afternoon, when it was raining heavily outside, and I was in my studio in the Chrysalis writing letters, the balloon my sister got me dangling from my chair, there were many other wonderful things that happened today. I had a Skype call with my dad, walkies with my poochie, cake and red roses at the gallery, watched a little bit of one of my favorite movies with John, and had a lovely Vietnamese dinner with two of my favorite people. I also got two lucky bamboo plants and other fun things as presents!

The most important thing, though, is that I felt happy throughout the day, felt like this is a fresh beginning and that wonderful opportunities abound.

I also think the picture we took today at the gallery is very fun! Yes, I’m wearing a tiara and my mentor is wearing shades! That’s how we roll! My sister is just a blur of excitement, kissing Bobby the English Pointer, Nancy is hiding behind Bobby, and Ryan is not in the picture, though he was in the room and he got me a wonderful lemon cake. Aubrey is also not in the picture because it took her special talent to capture such a fun image in the first place. Anyway, my day was as fabulous as the picture and then some! And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to bed with the queen of England. And by that I mean the new book by my friend Courtney Brandt: Queen of England – Grand Tour. There’s even a unicorn in it!

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