From Above

It’s my last day here, and torn between my sadness to leave and the happy knowledge that I am ready to move on from this beautiful city plagued with the cognitive dissonance of needing tourism but hating tourists, I decided to do something special. I decided to allow myself a sense of perspective. Literally. And so I climbed all the way to the Tibidabo, the mysterious church that looks down on Barcelona from a mountain top and is lit up at night. The trip involves a special train, a steep trek up a street full of very posh villas, then a cable car ride of sorts. It’s a bit cumbersome, and so I hadn’t gone there in the last ten years. It’s worth it, though, if you want to see all of Barcelona. You can even, with a little luck, catch a glimpse of Frank Gehry’s fish. Also, there’s a vintage amusement park up on the mountain, and the air is very fresh. It’s a nice place to spend an afternoon, and a nice place to say goodbye. A nice place, too, to take stock, file a few things away, and get ready for new adventures.

Meanwhile, for even more of a sense of perspective, check out the lovely pictures my friend at Amsterdamian took of me while I was visiting. She can work magic with her camera! It’s funny what she drew out of me. The best was that she showed me some wonderful places that really put me in a good mood. It was, perhaps, the best day of my trip so far! It is a good reminder, that while Barcelona is lovely, life is at its sunniest when creative minds use their skills to perform acts of magic.

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