In Which the Patients are Impatient

“If you don’t eat your omelet, I won’t give you ice cream!” I told my old lizard. It was one of my most effective threats. After the incident late last night, when she scratched her leg and blood started gushing all over the place and I freaked out, I’d been pleading with her in all kinds of ways to stay in bed with her legs propped up and generally rest and behave. She was good about eating milk and biscuits in the morning, but resisted the bed rest regimen. Several aunts came by today and most made fun of me for having two patients under my care, one more stubborn and opinionated than the other.

“The patient in bed 1 is misbehaving!” they said. It’s true that both patients are impatient. As to the old lizard, she mostly needs to stay off her feet and rest. The blood was a freak accident but surely the scariest situation I’ve ever been in. Hopefully conditions will improve tomorrow.

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