Dramatic Architecture

Today my cousin left and as for me, I felt lazy but mostly content. It was like the calm after the storm. Not sure there was much calm before, but perhaps it was good for me to blow off some steam.

I painted a house that has very dramatic architecture, one of my favorite houses in Bucharest. I really like the way it turned out. I guess the house is as temperamental as I am, but much of its charm lies in its flair for drama. My cousin and I talked a lot during the short time he was here, especially over dinner last night, which was lovely. We agreed that the best people you meet, the ones to seek out as friends and partners are the ones with whom you feel at ease being yourself, not the ones with whom you feel like you need to be on your best behavior. It’s not something new, it’s something I’ve known for quite a while. Still, liberating to hear again, as some of the people that meant a lot to me, whom I have purposefully walked away from, were the kind I felt like I needed to tone myself down for. Which is a shame for everyone involved.

Anyway. Today I told my lizard over the phone that last night I ate coliva ice cream. She said that was good because coliva is holy. She even managed to tell grandma about it, despite grandma’s advanced hearing loss, and they both found it very interesting and amusing.

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