Yoga, Tacos, Art Supplies

I had such a wonderful day! I went to Yoga for Creatives, which takes place biweekly at Sabine Street, my new studio building, which during my absence has started to fill up with artists and art and to become quite cool!

Then I had tacos because tacos are good.

And then, Ryan texted me to tell me my panels had arrived. They were waiting for me and they were absolutely a dream come true. Y’all, I’ve been wanting to paint on some substantial wood panels for years and years now! And to have so many is quite the luxury!

I’m not saying this will occur without a struggle: I had a very hard time with an abstract piece today. Abstract painting always gives me such trouble, but I couldn’t resist. I did, however, after hours and hours, make something I like. I also made two small figurative pieces I’m very happy with.

And the best? My sister Lily is letting me store and hide my new paintings in her room. It makes me happy to prepare a secret little gallery in there, but also, I feel lucky that she is so loving and generous. I feel like us sisters share a secret – one of many. And that makes preparing for my show just delightful.

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