Chickens, Frogs, Soap Bubbles

Last night I dreamt of frogs, lots of frogs. They were in my childhood home, where the old ladies live. It was weird. But not in a bad way. Apparently frogs in dreams signal transformation. Then again, what doesn’t?

In the morning my friend and I drove to Galveston. We ate brunch at Maceo’s and Ronnie’s chickens fearlessly approached us. I had to shoo them away. Apparently they fly out of the coop because Ronnie’s afraid to clip their wings. I offered to do it for him, because that’s the sort of weird and crazy thing I tend to offer, but he politely declined. The chickens seemed happy with that outcome.

After a much needed post-Island nap, I went into the studio. I tried to paint this abstract thing I’d dreamt of (not all my dreams involve frogs), but it came out very different. I so struggle with abstract. Anyway, I also painted a girl inside a soap bubble, inspired by a photograph my friend at The Amsterdamian took.

I was fairly happy with the paintings in the end. Also, while in Galveston, my friend and I discussed my opening a lot. She is now my official party planner! And she had a lovely idea for a special little surprise, a party favor of sorts I can give my guests to remember me by. It’s already ordered and no, I’m not revealing what it is!


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