Everyday Miracles

Something magical happened today, though it started off as a day that seemed not inclined to magic. Then again, it’s these kind of days that need it the most.

I was feeling overwhelmed and down, tired and cranky and wondering if maybe the art thing wasn’t even worth it (not making art, I never question that, just pursuing it as a profession). What if, when this is your main gig it becomes as unpleasant as just about anything else? The frustrations with people, the worries, the feeling overwhelmed…

Then out of the blue the nicest lady came to the Chrysalis and bought my two largest paintings to date. She fell in love with them right on the spot and wanted to take them home! I made a lot of unexpected money today, y’all, and it sure did a lot to dispel my doubts. But it’s not just that. Those paintings were so very special. They meant a lot to me. It was quite magical to see them find true love.

Then John took Lily and me to Tony’s, his favorite restaurant, one he made a whole mural for, plus some other amazing art. The food was really good, and we laughed a lot. In the end, it was a very good day.


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