Seagulls and Other Progress

Several good things happened today: I got together with my friend Jill Hakala and painted seagulls. I figured my show needed seagulls. I also had the amazing Aubrey, John Ross Palmer’s assistant, show me how to properly wrap framed watercolors (containing glass!) so that they don’t get damaged in the mail. She’s a pro, y’all! So it was definitely worth waiting for her to teach me. The delay made me sad and antsy as I wanted to send off my summer watercolor commissions sooner (especially the one painted for a very special lady who reads my blog each and every day ❤️) but what I wanted most of all was to do this safely. So, yet again a situation in which I had to exercise patience, that elusive virtue I’ve very little of.

I rewarded myself with my absolute favorite sandwich from Local Foods. Also with an hour curled up on the couch in John’s studio next to the beautiful Nancy, in which I pestered him with my irreverent (but hilarious) conversation. And because today must be the day the Universe decided to teach me that good things come to those who wait, something wonderful happened: I finally finally finally got to see one of John and Ryan’s cats!!! I wasn’t even sure these felines truly existed. They stay in what John and Ryan refer to as The Residence, their fabulous hotel-like master suite complete with infinite closets and tons of art, and in there they hide as soon as anybody enters. Can you spot the kitty?

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