New Hair, New Life

So I finally got a haircut! There are other exciting changes as well, and I will share them as soon as I catch my breath. The search for a house continues and there might soon be good news on that front as well. It’s an exciting time in my life, where I’m making good on a lot of plans and promises to myself that have accumulated over the past few years. Ever since the original blog began and even before it!

Today I was so grateful to have my sister Lily to talk me through my fears and indecisiveness as I was painting something inspired by a picture my friend Patrick James took in the historic Broadway Cemetery in Galveston. We were talking about houses I’m looking at, and she advised me to pick the one that’s best for my business, the one with the best walls for displaying art. Then she told me that once I’ve made a decision I should not look back. Yes, the other house was so very cute and even had a wine cooler. But once you’ve made a choice, stay on your path, stop looking back. That’s what my sister said. And perhaps that’s the key to happiness.

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