Going Back

I awoke to way too much sun. The Island has been robbed of its trees by Ike. The Island is also no longer my place in the world, though it will always be one of the places I love best. But my life is in Houston now. I have a business and collectors and many things I need to do. Ok, so maybe tonight one of those things was purely fun: dinner with friends at Coltivare, one of my favorite restaurants, but I felt like my Island had given me the answers I had come for and that it was definitely time to get back.

I thought a lot, these past few days, about how we tend to overly romanticize things from the past: relationships, places we’ve lived, the way we felt back then. It’s not that such things were not lovely at their time, not that some of them are not lovely still, but to each there is a season and moving on is part of life. I might be the overly nostalgic kind who loves to look back – my Island and I have that trait in common – but I am on a magical, wonderful journey and reminders to look to the future, not the past, are gifts I’ve learned to cherish.

Of course, of course, a wise person would now point out that happiness is to be found only in the present. And for that I luckily have my art.

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