A Playful Tiger and Pani Puri

Today was such a lovely day! It started out with me drawing the cat my writer friend, Courtney Brandt, is fostering in Dubai – a playful little tiger – then finally emailing the manuscript of my upcoming novel, Lone Wolf, to my Kindle. I’m trying out a new kind of editing, reading through just for fun (because that’s when I find the most mistakes!), reading in bed, with coffee and a small dog, on a rainy day. I’m 20% through and really enjoying it! I think reading on my computer in editing mode had caused me to miss a lot of the magic, but I’m happy to report that I love this book a lot.

The day went on with shopping with my sister, Lily, for a dress for her to wear to her book release party on Friday. And yes, I bought a dress too! I’m the producer of her book, and her book is on John and his career, and I have to say I’m very very excited.

We also celebrated with pani puri at my favorite Indian restaurant, Bombay Sweets. Pani puri are crunchy and sweet, and in the end we felt like we had too much tamarind, but we were happy. Today was such a lovely lovely day!

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