Hummingbirds and Large Paintings

A beautiful day with lots of inspiration: The hummingbird is a digital drawing inspired by the Instagram feed of @stephanirae_ who never ceases to amaze me. The big painting was stretched with the help of my artist friend Jill Hakala – the same Jill Hakala who helped me hang my solo show, and who I share booth space with at First Saturday Arts Market (look for us October 6th!). Ok, so I admit that when it comes to stretching I simply don’t amount to much! I’m weak and clumsy. Jill ended up doing most of the work because I can barely get a heavy duty staple gun to staple (nor can I shoot a pistol; just a shotgun). Still… I will try stretching a smaller piece by myself next week and we’ll see what happens!

Also today my sister Lily’s book arrived and it’s so very beautiful! I’m proud to say I took the picture of her looking at one of the books!

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