Coco Chanel at the Ritz

What a day this has been! It rained in the morning when I set out for EQ, the coffee shop in the Heights where my mentor, John Ross Palmer, and I like to meet. We talked about Paris. John is going to Paris and I almost decided to go with him, but I must stay here and paint paint paint in order to get ready for my graduation gala on October 13th. This will be a group show of our Escapist class, and my part of it will consist of brand new works! So John is going to Paris; I am not, but I’m excited for his trip and hope that he will text me pictures of Chanel mannequins and other things. We talked about Coco Chanel a lot today. We talked about how she lived at the Ritz for so many years, but also about her contributions to democratizing fashion. My favorite Chanel quote? “Luxury should be comfortable; otherwise it’s not luxury.”

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