Hummingbirds and Other Things

Today I tried out the watercolors my friend @gpsart made me last week. They are quite luscious! I painted on Winsor and Newton watercolor paper he gave me, which was also quite a treat.

I also went to a dog birthday party at a fun dog park in the Heights with John, Bobby, and Nancy. I didn’t bring the biggest dog in the universe because she hates dogs.

It was a fun, relaxing day, full of laughter. Yet I couldn’t stop thinking of all the things I need to do in anticipation of my Escapist graduation next month. I want to paint all new paintings for my graduation Gala! Which means I need to make some room in the studio… So, on Thursday, September 20th, during John’s Relax event I will offer collectors massive discounts on the works currently available in the Chrysalis (1218 Heights Boulevard, 6-8). I’m quite excited! Nothing like bare walls to get a girl motivated!

Here are some of the paintings currently available: La Vie en Rose, 55×72 inches, acrylic on canvas, originally $2,800; Calea Victoriei, 24×24, acrylic on wood, originally $500; Seagulls, 24×24 inches, originally $500.

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