More Pink

Pink seems to be the color of the day. A very special collector bought La Vie en Rose, the big painting I stretched last week. I’m so excited to have sold such a big piece, and to someone who loves it so!

I also found pictures of my sweet little puppy from when I first adopted her, and she’s wearing a pink jacket!

I decided I needed even more pink in my life, so I made another pink abstract piece. I also painted some mussels.

Then I cleaned my studio and the gallery and in the evening collectors came. One of the happiest encounters was with my French collectors whom I’ve known since way back when I was trying to make a life for myself in Beaumont. They bought a wonderful Barcelona painting from me at the Beaumont Art League five years ago. They’ve since moved to England, and I miss them. So it was wonderful to see them again tonight, wonderful to show them John’s studio and gallery and the Chrysalis, wonderful that they even found a painting they will be taking with them back to England. It is a yet unstretched canvas, so tomorrow I’ll be shopping for a cardboard tube.

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