After the gala, today came the graduation brunch. But first there was a really lovely morning. A morning on which I woke up at 5, while it was still pitch black outside because I was too wired and too excited to sleep. I didn’t know quite what to do with myself: not only was I awake at an ungodly hour when I badly needed rest, but I was out of one of my most vital life essentials: milk for my morning coffee. Luckily the Starbucks by my house is open 24 hours, so, after walking the dog, that’s where I went. I was gonna just take my coffee home and drink it, preferably in bed, while scrolling social media. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. But the night was starting to give in to day, birds were whistling, my coffee was strong and good, the streets were empty, and I had a good car. And so I drove. I drove through the park and through the downtown, drove to the Silos to photograph the sunrise against the skyline. I drove to Sabine Street to pick up my naked man painting that my collectors were buying for their friend and wanted prominently displayed in the gallery. I ended up at the Chrysalis doing some very fun early morning party prep. And then, finally, later today there was the brunch, complete with entertainment that was absolutely hilarious. Also, I had some very delightful people look through my watercolor portfolio and beyond. I am beyond thrilled to have sold so much art my graduation weekend, and also to have made so many wonderful new connections.

Also, I got to have Chinese food with my friend in the Galleria, to catch up on important things going on with both of us, and to tell her all about graduation. All in all, it’s been an amazing weekend!

(And I think I’m getting better at drawing cats).

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