Skinny Jeans and Brand New Tires

The things I did today! Most importantly I took my car for a full service appointment, complete with tire alignment, and I ended up buying her two brand new tires. Turns out her old ones were pretty worn, and she definitely needs good shoes for her excursion to West Texas!

Later in the afternoon I drove to the Island where I visited with my friend at Island Music, where he even has one of my old paintings from six years ago, when I was painting mostly fish. We walked around, saw the pelicans, and I ended up buying a nice pair of skinny jeans at a Tangerine. I figured, if I outfitted the car with brand new tires for our upcoming adventure, I might as well also get something nice for myself for the trip.

In another effort to be productive, I emailed my mailing list and invited them to Open Studios at Sabine Street this Saturday. I even dug through my watercolor piles to find some Holiday-themed ones, including Christmas cards I made last year. So here’s hoping I get a good crowd!

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