Adult Lifejackets – Part 2

It was this time last year that I wrote a blog post entitled Adult Lifejackets, inspired by a Bolivar Ferry crossing. It doesn’t read like such a sad post in retrospect, but I remember feeling real down at the time. I remember sitting in my Beaumont house to write it, the house that was on the market back then and which I was afraid would never sell. I remember being sad, too, about things I’ve since come to accept and move past – which is not to say the sadness is gone, just that it’s manageable. Also, the sadness has been pushed into a corner by many other more life-affirming experiences and emotions. It crawls out every now and then, but it’s got lots of competition for the spotlight. After all, things change. They evolve. And since the time I wrote that post last year, I feel that I have been transformed. Also, I’ve gained perspective: a life jacket might appear to save someone’s life when in fact it could be what’s keeping them from learning how to swim. Sometimes it’s safer and saner to break free.


  1. E, I always enjoy it when you include shot of Galveston! Its like a wee visit to my old home.
    You’ve certainly had quite a transformation, a metamorphosis, since a year ago. The Escapist Mentorship program was life altering, huh?

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