A Chanel Skirt and a Small Tree

Another great day! We got the dog back from boarding. I was so happy to see her! I missed her! Also got an amazing gift from my fabulous and very fashionable friend: a Chanel skirt! The real deal! Classic black and white pleated tweed. It couldn’t be lovelier! I will wear it for my Small Business Saturday event in my new gallery tomorrow. I think it’s quite fitting, as so many of my paintings are inspired by Chanel mannequins.

Also, I got a small Christmas tree, and that makes me very happy. But the best moment of the day was taking my dad to John and Ryan’s this afternoon so he could meet them. You know that happy feeling when your favorite people meet and like each other? It was pretty special. And I also got to love on Nancy and Bobby, which was pretty special too.

I forgot to take an after- picture of the floor of my studio when I moved out, but I got to take one today.

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