Barbara’s Pearls Revisited

Today I drove my dad to the airport. His visit was way too short! We did, however, for such a short visit, accomplish a whole lot of stuff, from the trip to West Texas with all of its adventures, to moving things around in the home and gallery, to buying a laptop and printer and setting them up, and then some!

It was a short visit but a good one, and now the house seems very empty and my little dog is sad. It’s so weird that we live such a distance apart. It’s a strange life in a strange world. But let’s not get too melancholic. Hopefully, despite the long flight, he will come back soon.

For the rest of the day I added things to my online store and put some on sale, only for tonight (!), edited my artist bio and made copies of it (it’s so nice to finally have a printer/copier!), and painted Barbara Bush’s pearls for a friend. Tomorrow I have to drive to Beaumont, which seems almost as surreal as my dad flying back to Europe, but at least I’ll have Barbara’s pearls with me.

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