So I had gotten used to my dad being downstairs with the lights on and coffee already brewed when I woke up in the mornings. Today downstairs was dark, the dog and I were alone, and I had to make my own coffee. Also, I had to drive to Beaumont. The Elin Hildebrand novel I listened to on Audible (she is my savior for my endless commutes; I’ve listened to nearly all her books) only helped so much. Driving was annoying. Two of my classes were fun, though, and then I met a friend for coffee. I don’t have many friends in Beaumont (…because it’s Beaumont!) but I do have this one I’ve quite neglected since I’ve been so busy with my art stuff lately. I asked if she wanted a lemon. Someone had left lemons in the department kitchen, up for grabs. One of the few good things about Beaumont are its over-productive citrus trees. My friend said she wanted two lemons. I took a picture of her hands holding them, and her cleavage looked quite striking. It ended up being a really cool composition. We joked about what to do when life gives you lemons. Then I had to get back on the road. I luckily only have two trips to Beaumont left. We decided to make at least one of them memorable.

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