Get Ready for the Magic!

And finally today was the day to hang my West Texas show! It was overwhelming and exciting all at once. I love the paintings in this show! They are all magical! Also, although I’m not completely done yet, I was amazed by how proficient I’ve become at creating and hanging a new show. I’ve learned so much this year in the Escapist Mentorship Program! With over 40 paintings, my solo show this summer was a real baptism by fire, and I’ve grown so much from the experience!

The large paintings are all hung, and I now just have to frame and display the ten watercolors that are the featured pieces, the ones painted especially for the collectors who commissioned art during my trip to West Texas and who are also the producers of my upcoming novel, Lone Wolf. One of these paintings is pictured above. It’s inspired by a picture taken by Claudia Curici, which a very special collector chose when I showed her our Marfa photo book.

Well synchronized with the new exhibit and the parties, there’s a lot of magical stuff in store: My witch friend is coming to Texas for Christmas. I’ll get to hang out with her on Wednesday and she promised to do a ritual in my gallery that attracts abundance. Then the Winter Solstice is upon us, a time of darkness but also renewal, a time for introspection, for going within, for getting ready to re-emerge with new energy in the spring. The Winter Solstice is followed by the Full Moon in Cancer, a time of strong emotions, but also a time of special intuitive power. I’m glad that my show and the parties associated with it will coincide with these events. I feel like this is a magical and auspicious time, and the magic in the paintings reflects this.

Also, today was the last day of my free promotion for Dogs with Bagels. I’m curious to see the results over the next few days. As for me, in between buying hanging supplies, wiring, etc, I managed to have a wonderful Indian lunch.

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