The finches came to my window as I was talking on the phone to my former boss. I liked the finches. I was, overall, in a wonderful mood today, such contrast to last year’s Christmas Eve, when I was sad and lonely and exhausted, going through the ordeal of selling my house, and dragging with me some of the emotional baggage that was difficult to unpack long after the physical belongings that weighed me down had been sold. This year everything is different and I feel light and happy to be on a big adventure. It’s been a year of growth, learning, transformation, and changes. I hope, if there is anyone reading this who’s feeling sad today – and Christmas tends to make many people sad – that they take heart. I hope that for them too, the sadness is just a phase in a transformative process, that it prompts rebirth and reinvention, and that the magic returns to them as it did to me.

I didn’t really do much today. It was an easy, lazy day. It was warm and sunny outside and the dog and I took a very long walk. We walked the Tanglewood Tranquility Trail, which is by our house and quite lovely, and which I hadn’t walked for longer than I can remember. Perhaps it was last Christmas that I last went there?

The dog was very happy. See, dogs don’t care for Christmas presents. Dogs want quality time, attention, and adventure. Dogs are very wise.

Later I came home, cooked dinner, and baked the bread pudding for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner. I made a small portion for myself too. I must say, it’s pretty decadent. And so ends a really nice Christmas Eve.

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