Here’s a sneak peek of a commission I’m doing of Seaside, Florida. It’s been fun working on this. And it’s been overall a productive day! I got to mail stuff to collectors, bought a few odds and ends for tomorrow’s party, and received a nice little surprise: A few months ago I ordered a fruit and veggie box from Imperfect Produce, a service that sends people produce that is good but deemed too ugly to be bought by supermarkets. I was intrigued by what I called the Ugly Fruit box, but it wasn’t available in Houston at that time, so I forgot all about it. Well, today my ugly fruit and veggies came! I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but then I microwaved the teeny tiny potatoes they sent me to include in a salad, washed some of the crisp lettuce too, and wow! This stuff is really good! Those potatoes were simply amazing! I guess I might just become a convert!

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