Today I had a breakthrough in my art, and also in my journey of self-acceptance as a Taurus. I decided that I simply must use a lot of gold. One of the paintings (not shown here) is actually completely covered in it!

It’s been overall a very good day. Warm and sunny, which always puts me in a good mood, but also productive. I’ve hung a few more of the new paintings in the gallery, and it’s amazing the difference they make.

I also got my very first review for Lone Wolf: “LONE WOLF just became my favourite book of Maria Elena Sandovici! After ”Dogs with Bagels”, of course — that book will remain forever very close to my heart.

I loved the road trip metaphor for the self-discovery journey, and I loved the characters (also the ending!). This story about brave women, a book-inception, makes for a captivating read. It was relatable for me, and I guess it will be for many women. It’s wittily written and with nerve, in the Elena Sandovici’s already well known style. I definitely recommend it!”

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