The Light Returns

Highlight of the day: seeing my friend Lindsay Burck’s paintings hanging in the Chrysalis during the Initiation of the new Escapists today! Among them is a piece called Queen Bey, and it reminded me of so many things, including how I need more Beyoncé in my life. So this evening I decided I needed to sketch Queen Bey myself, and listen to Lemonade while doing so. Being excited that my friend is now an Escapist gave me a much needed boost. I ended up dancing in my gallery and as I was dancing I decided to start taking down my West Texas show – after all, this morning I had the closing party for Lone Wolf, complete with Turkish breakfast! – and start hanging my new abstract works. I don’t have all of them here. I need to go retrieve most of them at Sabine Street, but the ones that are here brightened up the space immediately. And it occurred to me that perhaps I’d had the right idea all along: having an abstract show with happy spring colors at this time of year might just be the boost of energy we all need!

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