Dogs at Weddings

The weather turned cold again and yesterday’s momentum eluded me. I had big plans to accomplish a lot, but the day was frittered away on small or bigger annoyances. I bought the ticket to Paris I’d booked yesterday, but something weird happened to my reservation so I had to spend nearly two hours on the phone with Air France. This probably was the most annoying thing about my day, and it seriously derailed my progress and put me in a somewhat pissy mood. I was nearly out of gas and completely out of coffee, so I went out to buy those things, also packing supplies for the West Texas watercolors I need to ship off now that the show is over. I also bought an ice bucket for Friday’s party, so I can make serving cold drinks a breeze, and a wireless speaker to connect to my phone so I can have music! The speaker was, of course, missing an essential cable, but luckily I found one to replace it. All this, two meals, three dog walkies, and a shower, took way longer than I would have liked, and I found that it was pretty late by the time I finally sat down to paint. I was supposed to do a wedding scene, something to use in advertising a fun new project I’m about to embark on. But I found myself searching for images of dogs at weddings instead, because, well… why not? Then I finally managed to hang the last paintings for Friday’s party and to halfway charge the speaker I bought. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be more productive, and also more fun! And hopefully warmer too, because the cold weather makes me depressed and there’s no way around it!

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