As promised, here are pictures of the paperback! Isn’t it beautiful? Also, it’s interesting and exciting to see that people still react much more enthusiastically to the picture of an actual book, than to an announcement about an ebook. As with all of my books, the moment when it became real was the moment I had the paperback in my hands, the moment I posted pictures of it and people could see it. There’s been quite a warm reception on social media, so I’m quite excited!

Also, today I called my old lizard and that was a very good thing. Between the time difference, her poor hearing, and my busy schedule, I don’t call her nearly enough, then I end up feeling guilty, sad, lonely, fragmented. My old lizard had all kinds of things to say.

“How is your friend in Turkey?” she asked. I haven’t seen my friend in Turkey in four years, though she is still one of the people I love best. “How is your friend in France?”

My old lizard remembers things about my own past better than I do. Sometimes I like that, yet sometimes it’s annoying. It’s as if she refuses to acknowledge my many transformations.

Later I went to the store and bought a magazine. I tore out images I liked. I cut out elements of them. I decided to make some sort of collages using some older drawings and also some paint. They’re weird, but I kind of like them, and now, looking back, I feel like I’s been a good day.

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