Doggie Drop-off

In preparation for my trip to DC tomorrow I took my dog to boarding on the Island. The Island was cold today, and the sky overcast. I was tense about a lot of things including packing and payroll and separation from my little monster. It took a while to relax, and I’m not sure I fully did. But I did manage to paint an Open sign for my friend at Galveston Music Company so people can know when he’s actually in there, and for that I am proud! Later, as I drove along the Seawall I saw a whole congregation of grackles. I took that as a good sign. I drove on home, packed, and put my poor plants inside because while we’re gone it’s supposed to freeze here. The house seems very empty without the dog, but I hope she’s having a nice time. As for me, I am prepared! Tomorrow I’ll have to wake up really early to go on this new adventure!

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