An Amazing Day in DC

This morning my mentor, John Ross Palmer, laid a beautiful wreath of yellow roses on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. I was honored to be attending, along with other friends, family, and collectors. We all gathered in the snowy cemetery, walked up the hill, and watched the ceremony, which was laden with symbolism.

Afterwards, there was a lovely lunch at the Old Ebbitt Grill, then some of us took a long walk back to our hotel, past the White House, and the Washington Memorial. In the evening, we went to see my favorite monument: The Lincoln Memorial. We walked a lot. The city is absolutely beautiful even now in winter. I keep thinking of Sally Quinn’s novels, which I absolutely love. Also, I had the most amazing scallops for dinner. And I was very happy with the dress I bought for today, my black wool dress with puffed shoulders from Maje.

I also sold out my DC commissions, which I’m very very happy about!

And frankly, I haven’t had this much fun is a long time. The group of collectors who came on the trip are all so wonderful, all interesting to talk to and fun to travel with. It’s been almost twenty years since my last visit to DC, for a conference, in grad school, and my life is so different now and I find that it’s so much easier to enjoy everything, and that I am at this point in my life surrounded by people I truly resonate with.

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