Super Bowl with Bobby

Today John hosted a Super Bowl party. There was a lot of good food and there were lots of fun people too. I got to properly visit with the new Escapists and that was really cool. I even hung out with them in the Chrysalis while they were painting, and I had to do something creative too, so I stole some paper from John and did a quick drawing of Bobby. It occurred to me that we are very lucky, and that’s what I said to my friend Lindsay, who’s an Escapist this year. I mean, here we are at a fun party with good food and interesting people next door, and we would rather be working because we love our work so much. That’s being very lucky indeed.

Also, I ate a lot of fried chicken and this really good melted cheese and potato dish and roast corn quesadillas. I myself brought a salad. John said that was a rude thing to bring.

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