Yellow Roses

I was so happy that one of my collectors for the DC commissions requested a painting of the Wreath of yellow roses John Ross Palmer laid on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That wreath was so beautiful, and I was happy to immortalize it.

Painting it was definitely the highlight of my day. But I did a lot of other things I’m happy about. After a very long hiatus, I dug out my yoga mat from underneath paintings and other assorted objects in my trunk and went to Yoga for Creatives, a donation-based class at Sabine Street Studios that was designed especially for people like me. I also finally got a haircut. My bangs are no longer in my eyes! Then in the evening I went to a party in a modernly redesigned historic home of quite impressive proportions, filled with quite impressive art too. All of this, on a Tuesday! In my past life I’d be in Beaumont, and frankly, I’ve already forgotten what that feels like.

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