Sky Club Elite

Today was the day of my VVIP pool party, and while I couldn’t with all my magical powers hex the jasmine into bursting open, my prayers for beautiful sunny weather were most definitely answered – and that’s what’s truly important. Except it’s not. Because the most important thing of all is having the support of wonderful friends and collectors who wanted to be in my Sky Elite Club – a very exclusive organization that benefits from an insider view of my upcoming trip to Paris, Berlin, and Bucharest, and all the art inspired by this adventure.

So today we opened a very large and especially lovely bottle of champagne and celebrated poolside. My mentor John Ross Palmer joined the party and helped me entertain my guests. There was also a floating unicorn in attendance – because one shouldn’t have a pool party without one! And John took the most wonderful pictures of my dog. As for me, I’m still on Cloud 9 long after the party is over. This was such a special gathering! I’m very very lucky to have such a wonderful constellation of people around me right now!

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