Revisiting the Smoking Girl

Today I got to visit the home of the friend and collector who bought Smoking Girl. This was so awesome! I love love love seeing my art in people’s homes. It’s the best feeling ever!

Also, I got to see some pieces by John and some other artists I love, and I got to meet two precious dogs – one very friendly, one very skittish.

Earlier in the day I spent some time in my Sabine Street studio showing two friends who just got engaged the art that’s still in there, including a very big colorful piece displayed on the wall. In less than a week I’ll be out of that space completely, and while I will miss its beautiful white walls and its light, I will not miss the drive and moving things around from place to place. Even today I felt like it was silly to have to drive twenty minutes to meet friends I could have easily entertained here at the gallery, when I could have spent those twenty minutes with my dog.

I really wish I could take my dog to Paris. I’m gonna miss her so!

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