A Day of Glamour

My day started with coffee at the Plaza Athénée. It’s a special place for any serious Sex and the City fan, and one of my collectors actually got to spend her honeymoon there! How fabulous is that? Of course I had to go investigate, take pictures, stock up on inspiration, and paint.

After this lovely incursion into a world of glamour I had myself a little lunch at a nearby restaurant, then set out for the Fondation Louis Vuitton – a state of the art museum in the Bois de Boulogne, designed by Frank Gehry, housing an impressive modern art collection and currently hosting an exhibit of some of the most famous impressionist paintings. The building itself is spectacular, and the art was quite fabulous. Having spent so much time in New York, back in the good old days when the Met was free, I’ve seen a lot of great art in my life. But I’m pretty sure this was my first encounter with a real life Gerhard Richter piece, and it was so very amazing. I could see flakes of paint doing all these amazing texture things and it made me so very happy.

The evening held something special too: Dinner at Chez Françoise. Hidden in the old Air France building, this restaurant is known as a hangout of Members of Parliament. In fact, I deduced from the conversation he was having with the waiter, that the gentleman at the table next to me, with whom I was sharing a bench, and who, like me, ordered the mackerel, was an MP. The restaurant got crowded, with people I might have recognized had I been more familiar with the French Legislature, and the atmosphere was abuzz with energy. It was definitely an interesting place to be, and one I shall return to perhaps. Especially since the restaurant offers very reasonable prices for Paris – and especially for a locale with such a special atmosphere.

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