Taurus Season

Today marks the beginning of Taurus season, and I awoke with a new energy. I’m very proud of my astral beast! Bulky and sluggish as it is, it is a good beast, firmly grounded and loyal – though it’s best not to test its patience.

In the old ladies’ house things progressed as usual – meaning with absolutely no rhyme or reason. My lizard (an Aquarian lady who always does as she pleases – something that can be trying for the Bull who prefers a certain type of structure) was tired of her vacation and descended the stairs to the kitchen where she took several hours preparing grandma’s coffee. Grandma (a Virgo) got dressed very neatly and dispensed lots of criticism to us all – Virgo’s gift to the world, which Taurus doesn’t always appreciate, except I’ve always had a special weakness for grandma and nothing she ever says upsets me. I wish that were true for the rest of the family, as some of our relatives frequently leave in tears. My younger aunt who comes to help them out is an Aquarius like the lizard, though a lot more efficient. Like most Aquarians she is very funny and today she had me laughing so hard it hurt when she told me about my old lizard’s exploits while I was gone. The trouble is that the old ladies can’t hear a thing, and even when we gossip about very exciting stuff, they have trouble joining in. The other conundrum is: If you can’t hear her and she can’t hear you, how do you fight with your sister? Since the most salient jabs can’t properly be received, the house is dominated by a strained sort of peace. I wish I could teach them sign language.

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