They Steal Each Other’s Snacks

Things I wonder about: Should I tell the young woman who sells covrigi that I painted her? I see her every day, and I feel like I’m harboring a secret – a portal to a magical world. I am a lot more shy in Romania than I am in my normal life – probably because I don’t fit in, people generally don’t take me seriously, and I have a slight speech impediment which is irrelevant in English, French, or German, but significant in Romanian: I can’t roll my r’s. And so I feel slightly silly when I’m here and try to keep a low profile, but tomorrow, if there isn’t a queue for covrigi, I will show the young woman her portrait.

Things I know: I bought my lizard two sesame covrigi yesterday. She ate one, and saved the other for breakfast. It disappeared. The paper it came in, I found crumpled up on the floor in grandma’s room. Apparently they steal each other’s snacks. I bought my old lizard two sesame seed covrigi today too. I will advise her on a different hiding place.

And before you think grandma gets the short end of the stick, I’ll have y’all know that I spoon-feed her foods she’s entirely capable of eating on her own. The aunt who comes by to check on my old ladies thinks I spoil them too much. But I think we might disagree on the best ways to care for very old children.

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