Revisiting Miss Vulpe

Today it rained and we didn’t sit outside. I finished reading Miss Vulpe, and found I love it as much as ever. My aunt and I asked grandma to tell us a story. She said she wanted to die. We said we didn’t like that story, but she refused to provide us with a different one. We went to the old lizard’s room, but she was sitting in bed eating chocolate and was cross with me for mixing her clean laundry with grandma’s, so we retreated. We sat in the dining room, drank our homemade wine, and reminisced about my aunt’s one and only visit to New York back when I was in grad school. I couldn’t remember what we did together but she did, and so we pieced it all together. It turns out I took her to do all my favorite free things: sampling perfume in fancy department stores, peeing at the Plaza, visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and then some.

Tomorrow I hope that it’ll be sunny and that the covrigi stand will be open again. I’m beginning to have withdrawal symptoms!

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