Blue Sea

Today I voted in the European elections, then later painted this seascape, so I suppose it was a good day. Although I was sad to not actually be in Europe, where I’d be able to comment on the elections with my family. As things stood, at the time I could have called them, I ended up taking a nap, exhausted from sitting outside in the heat to eat mici and coliva in the yard of the Romanian church after voting. I think the coliva, especially, was a nice touch. It’s a sweet made of wheat and walnuts, generally served at funerals, but Romanians really love it, so we felt lucky to be offered such a treat.

As to the blue sea, I painted it pretty late in the evening, as today I felt lazy and listless all inspiration took a while to manifest. But the painting turned out quite lovely – it’s absolutely magnetic in person! – and I was happy. I realized seeing the Black Sea was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip.

Also tied to the sea, but to very different shores, my two beta readers for my Galveston ghost story both sent me feedback today. One is an expert on Island history, the other has never been to Texas. Together they create a good balance, and both make useful points it will take me a while to process and address. And although I’ve quite a bit of work ahead of me, I’m happy, as I feel like the project is gaining depth, just like the blue sea.

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