The Gypsy. Aka the Last Romantic

Last night I had a dream about a transatlantic flight – I dream about such flights often. I was getting an upgrade to Business Class, and I had three live pigs on leashes, which I was bringing on the plane for the cabin crew to cook for me. Yes, my dreams are pretty weird, and this one might have had something to do with pictures of pigs on a farm John’s been sending me from Vietnam.

I was a little blue when I woke up, but after having plenty of good coffee and talking to a friend, I cheered up considerably. I decided to start wiring and hanging some of the paintings, and in the dim light of the gallery the saints’ halos glowed and I realized that I’m very happy with how this series turned out. Later, still puttering around I got obsessed with an old Gypsy song. I hung more paintings. I painted one last one too. It actually included a Gypsy. Can you find him?

In the evening I met a dear friend for a belated birthday feast at Adair Kitchen. She gave me a really fun shirt. I came home, took selfies, listened to the Gypsy song some more. Tomorrow there’ll be more wiring and other preparations. Slowly but surely I’m getting ready for Sky Club Elite, and I feel like I’ll have some cool things to show them.

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