Old Houses and Chocolate Rabbits

Today I bought two more chocolate rabbits, also a chocolate egg that had tiny round candies inside. My lizard loved these treats. Grandma decapitated one of the rabbits herself.

My lizard busied herself making a stew of sorts, with lots of onions. It was nerve wracking to watch as she’s meticulous to a fault, also very very stubborn. She does everything slowly as if she’s trying to find the least efficient way of doing things. I always want to do everything fast. I tried to help but it was too irritating. The two aunts who arrived today finally finished the task.

I painted an old house and the aunts liked it. My favorite moment of the day, though, was hanging laundry to dry in the attic. I love the attic anyway, but today while we were up there it started raining and that was truly magical.

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