Horses with Red Tassels

The horses in Bucovina wear red tassels to ward off the evil eye. I am so in love! There are also storks everywhere, and beautifully painted monasteries from the 1500s scattered across a landscape that ranges from dark forests, to lush valleys, to mountains tall enough to still hold snow this late in the season. As to the people of this region, they are a mystery. I was told before coming here that this is a very poor place, but everywhere, even in small villages, I saw new construction, beautiful big houses with state of the art roofs, the brand new shingles ready to face the cruelest winter.

In the morning we went to see the house where my dad’s grandparents used to live, in the village of Broscauti. The house is still there, complete with a deep cellar that stays cool even during the hottest summer. We were treated to stuffed cabbage and homemade wine, then proceeded to find and visit the monasteries. The road unexpectedly took us up a tall mountain. We ended up visiting three of the monasteries, though there are many more. Through it all, I tried in vain to take pictures of the horses with their red tassels. They were quite a sight to behold.

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